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[ENG] Contest #01 - Audio Synch

14 Juin 2015, 14:07

Howdy !

We're really happy to start the first Motion-café contest !! As you know we are french AE lovers so some of the price are tutorials in french... However the first price is Freeform pro from Mettle ( BIG 3D plugin for AE ) and second price is Curva by Timurko .


This first contest will be based on something classic but essential: Audio synch.
Steptoo created a sound-design for this contest, thanks again !

You can download the sound-design form this player or on our Soundcloud page

The only one rule for this contest is using this sound-design

The contest will stand for 1 month till 2015-07-01 - 23h59 (GMT+1)

We've made a vimeo channel for your videos. You juste need to join the group and add your creation.
You can also post your creation on this topic. A maximum of 3 submissions are allowed for this contest.

For this first contest Tuto.com and Mettle will sponsor us !! (How exciting is that)



3eme Prix

For this first contest the jury will be our partners Tuto.com et Mettle and of course our team !

Good luck have fun and be creative !!!

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